ICIT - IEEE 2018

From 02/19/2018 to 02/22/2018

Centre de Congrès - Cité Internationale Lyon - 50, quai Charles de Gaulle 69463 Lyon

Tutorial 9 Dr Herve MOREL

Title: HVDC motivations

High Voltage Direct Current, HVDC, corresponds to growing markets, particularly because numerous wind power farms even offshore wind power farms to be connected to existing AC grids. The tutorial aims to present the motivations for such a mutation, the associated challenges, breakthroughs, scientific and technical obstacles and so on. For new project, in most of the cases DC technologies as HVDC are chosen. The issue already exited more than one century ago, in the famous battle of the currents between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse for the first electric grid in New York. AC grids won the battle because of the easy transformation of AC voltages using electric transformers. Nowadays, the power electronics enables to easily convert DC voltages so the issue had changed with the first HVDC power lines in the 1970s. Technological developments have enabled improvements in the HVDC power lines and even new applications of the high voltage power electronics.