ICIT - IEEE 2018

From 02/19/2018 to 02/22/2018

Centre de Congrès - Cité Internationale Lyon - 50, quai Charles de Gaulle 69463 Lyon

Tutorial 10 Dr Christophe COILLOT

Title: Magnetic sensors principles, technology and applications

Magnetic sensors are used in various applications from the well known-compass on Earth to space physic investigation or medical diagnostic. In the industrial domain they are ubiquitous in nondestructive control, energy measurement or motor position control. The ability of magnetic sensors to probe the abstract magnetic field properties makes them fascinating devices. The variety of physical principles used to sense the magnetic field are extremely diversified and take advantage of the greatest and latest physic advance (as spintronic). Lastly magnetic sensors must be apprehended together with their customized electronic conditioning to become magnetometer. In this tutorial we will start with the fascinating applications of magnetometers. The parameters needed to characterize the magnetic sensors will be defined. Then we will review the various physical principes used to probe the magnetic field and the electronic conditioning principle. For this purpose, we will remind basis on noise electronic and used some simulations to illustrate it. Finally we will examine the most prospective technology of magnetic sensors.